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Since the completion of my first individual painting exhibition “One Flower One World” in January 2002, I have been feeling a bit lost and lacking. As an art lover, I have been thinking whether I should put an end to my artistic career. However, I reckon there is no limit to the artistic world and I have been thinking how best to attain my goal. After much pondering, I found the answer – I got to better equip myself.

Fortunately, with the support of my family, I have seized an exciting opportunity to undertake further studies in Art & Design in the United Kingdom. As a middle-aged mother, I was thrilled by the opportunity to return to the campus and was as naive and inquisitive as a teenage. I went back to school and felt like returning to my teenage when I was carrying the painting tools to catch a train.

The full-time Art & Design course was not easy and it was more serious and intensive than what I expected. I thought I was taking the graduation exams of the school but later, I found that it was the Edexcel public exam administered by the London University. I was then in a hurry-scurry and had to look for information in the libraries and visit various galleries, exhibition halls and museums to understand better the contemporary, modern and post-modern nature of western art. I have always been engaging in traditional Chinese paintings except for a limited exposure to western art during my high school era. During my studies in the UK, I have been gaining new experiences and feelings for the western art but I have been determined to retain the traditional Chinese painting formula and skills. With bittersweet experiences and extra efforts, I finally completed the two-year course with flying colours within one year.

There are huge differences in the use of tools and materials between eastern and western arts. However, how to express and interpret oneself all depends on the training, talents and thinking of the artist. The individual style of an artist will be developed when the foregoing are combined with the use of appropriate skills.

Today, I wish to make a novel attempt by integrating the Chinese and western artistic materials and skills in this exhibition which I have organized with pleasure from a new starting point.